Family Fun Christmas Traditions – Wooden Puzzle

There are many heartwarming elements that we love, appreciate and adore  during the Christmas Holiday Season – thoughtful gifts, indulgent food, and even better company. Christmas has this wonderful ability to bring people together, whether that’s extended family, work colleagues, or groups of friends.

When we all come together, it’s endearing to see everyone’s own personal customs and traditions that they’ve adopted over the years to make their own Christmas’s so special. It could be a silly theme for a present exchange that happens every year, a special winter walk route you do with the same group, or letting the youngest child place the star on top of the tree. Whatever they may be, they mean a lot to you and your close ones and are often passed down through the family from adult to adult.

We love to hear from our customers all year round but it’s those special festive traditions involving our Jigsaw puzzles we love the most. Many families will treat themselves to a large Wooden Puzzle, and have it sitting on their coffee table. Anyone is welcome to come and rummage around the pieces – including visitors – trying to find a couple of pieces to add to the steadily growing image. This pastime encourages lots of friendly chit chat and sharing the joy and satisfaction as another wooden piece clicks into place.


As our puzzles are generally made for adults, it’s very common for families with younger children to tell us that they let their little ones add the whimsy pieces at the end, to help them feel included and involved. Especially as the whimsy shapes are recognizable. Those with older children often say it’s hard to get them off their screens any time of the year let alone Christmas, but once they start to engage with all generations over a puzzle they’re all hooked and conversation flows.

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